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20 X TERMITE WINDOWS. Detect termites using the all Australian HDTI system. FREE DELIVERY.

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Minimum quantity for "20 X TERMITE WINDOWS. Detect termites using the all Australian HDTI system. FREE DELIVERY." is 1.

Regular termite inspections are recommended for any home
but deep infestations can go undetected for many years.
Please don't blame the inspector.
99.99% are honest hard working people but they don't
have x-ray vision and are up against a creature with
20 million years of genetic experience at 'hiding'.
Normal inspections are 'visual' only so 'deep' termite
activity can easily be missed and this is admitted to
in the written report.
You can always opt for what is called an 'invasive'
inspection during which your home can be extensively
damaged with you paying the repair bill on top of the
inspection charge. In exchange for thousands of dollars
you will just get a report with 'less' waivers.
If your home is attacked by termites then these will help
you detect them much sooner than normal, allowing you
to exterminate them sooner and reduce the overall
damage caused.
This listing is for 5 x TDAKS® Termite Windows.
( each measures 15mm across x 10.50mm deep )
Easy to follow instructions supplied.
Use them inside your home or as part of your own
in ground baiting system for use outside.
Separate instructions for making these included.
No termite killing bait is included.
It must be purchased and applied later.
These windows use HDTI.
( High Definition Termite Indication )
* Easy one off installation.
* Contain a disc impregnated with a proven feeding stimulant.
* Inspect them by just 'looking' at them.
   If the window is white then no termites are present.
* Will last for decades.
* The installation process itself can reveal hidden activity.
* Will NOT affect the structural integrity when installed in
   wall frame base plates ( or other non-load bearing areas ).
* Termite killing bait can easily be introduced where the
    active window is removed.
* Great talking points when guests ask about them.
How to install & how do they work ?
These are primarily installed into skirting
( or any non-load bearing timber ).
You drill a 13mm ( or ½ inch ) hole through skirting and most
of the way through the timber baseplate and cap it with a window.
Hidden termites happily munching away will enter the hole.
They will begin to create a material called ‘carton’ to fill
the hole, maintaining their humidity level.
When they encounter the white edible disc they
will either eat it or stain it during the carton making.
If you see what looks like mud or deep staining then
it’s action time. You can call in a pro ( recommended )
or attempt a diy treatment yourself.
100% Australian designed and manufactured.
If anyone ever claims that their product can replace regular inspections then they are fibbing.
My windows are intended for use as an adjunct to termite barriers, in ground baits and professional
inspections and not intended as a replacement for same.