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With our system, the termites reveal themselves.
There is no need for you to remove lids and risk disturbance.
We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

Unique inspection system.
Zero touch with high visibility means you can inspect them from metres away
with zero possibility of termite disturbance during inspections.
You can inspect an entire installation in under 1 minute.

Our baits DON'T 'attract' termites.
( NO in ground termite bait can actually 'attract' termites )

NO moving parts.
No need to remove lids and risk disturbing termites.

No nuisance pests can enter.
No nuisance pests like ants, beetles or worms can enter and disrupt termite activity.

Lowest annual cost.
See the comparison chart in this listing's images.

Work as well as any others at any price.
Just thought I would throw this in.

Without something around your home detect and treat termites,
your most valued possession is a sitting duck.

Our baits ( traps ) require 19 individual ( Australian ) manufacturing processes,
just a squirt of hot plastic into an overseas mould.

Professional pest controllers charge ( as part of their ongoing contract )
around $1200.00 per year for inspecting the systems they install.
Yes they have to make a living but many homeowners just can't afford it.
Because our baits are so easily inspected by home owners,
the pros just won't recommend them and the manufacturers won't upset the pros by
'trying' to incorporate a high visibility zero touch inspection system like ours.

How TDAKS termite baiting works.
Termite baits ( traps ) are planted in soil surrounding homes.
Periodical inspections ( by just looking at the top ) are carried out.
When termites infest the bait they enter the area under the white window and make
themselves at home by lining the walls with a mud mixture to contain their preferred
hot and humid environment. They will also line or consume the white disc thereby
revealing their presence to an outside observer ( you ).
Once active termites are observed, a killing matrix is introduced which is distributed
by the termites themselves, killing off the hidden colony.

This kit contains:-

12 x TDAKS® In ground termite baits ( traps ).
Average size 60mm x 30mm x 185mm - 190mm.
Install at 2-3 metre intervals around a home.

Easy to follow instructions.

RRP $75.00
Easy to follow instructions included.
( Sells on eBay for $30.00 - $40.00 and pros can charge around $200.00 per pouch )

Bait is to be used after termites are detected in the traps.
Not effective against Mastotermes Darwiniensis.
One pouch of bait is simply a starter and not enough for a complete treatment.

Things you may not know.

1. Termite damage is NOT covered by your home insurance.
Insurance companies conveniently classify damage repairs as 'maintenance'.

2. This system was used successfully before plastic boxes arrived.

3. Plastic bait stations were originally developed so that chemical companies
could corner the 'treatment' market using 'locked' stations.

4. DIY plastic bait station installations are prone to false positive
treatment results due to vibration caused during inspection.

5. TDAKS® is an acronym for Termite Detection And Killings Systems.

Please note that as with all diy systems that TDAKS® detectors ( traps ) are intended for use as an adjunct to
termite barriers and professional inspections 
and not intended as a replacement for same.