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Just been given the all clear after a termite inspection ?
READ the written report.

By now you have probably seen TV reports of homes
that have been given the all clear by inspectors while
being practically hollowed out by termites.
Regular termite inspections are 'visual' only which is
why an infestation can remain undetected for many years. 

Listing is for 12 x TDAKS® Multipurpose Termite Windows
They are used indoors ( mainly along skirting ) to monitor for
'deep' activity which can't be seen during normal inspections.

They are 100% Australian designed and manufactured.

My window system has also been used throughout Australia for
15 years as part of the termite bait stations I manufacture.
Windows can be placed 'inside' homes, mainly into wooden skirting.

The professional pest controllers won’t mention our system
it represents a threat to part of their income.
Built in to the price of professionally installed plastic boxes is an
allowance for ‘inspections’. This is on average $1200.00 a year.
Inspections are when the pest man comes around periodically
to check all the termite baits he has installed.
Now you know why pros won’t recommend TDAKS®

Don't blame the pest pro.
99.99% are honest hard working people but in these times
many homeowners don't have as much disposable income.
Also, don't be too hard on them for having so many exclusions
in their reports. They can't see into walls.

These windows are intended for use as an adjunct to termite barriers
and professional inspections and not intended as a replacement for same.