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Do you have regular termite inspections ??
Most home owners don't for a variety of reasons.
*Many believe that home insurance will cover termite damage.
Insurance companies classify termite damage repair as 'maintenance' so you have as much
chance of claiming for termite damage as you would for changing your colour scheme.
*They have Timber Replacement Warranties ( or similar ).
In almost all cases the 'cost' of insurance can end up more than termite repairs even if a claim
is possible. You must commit to regular inspections by the insurer's termite inspector and
carry out specified works before qualifying. There is also the insurer's famous escape clause.
If the termite infestation originates from an area that couldn't be inspected ( eg behind a bookcase )
you have zero chance of claiming successfully.
*Too expensive at around $300-$400 a pop
In some areas 4 inspections a year are recommended but it's usually 4 YEARS before they
are detected during a normal inspection. The 'average' cost of termite repairs is $4500.00
*All those escape clauses in the written report.
You can't really blame the termite inspector. He is up against creatures that has been around for
over 25 million years. Being a soft bodied insect the last thing they can do is just wander around in
the open. They have become very good at concealing their activity.
Read your last written report. It essentially states....
'No termite activity was seen in the areas that could be visually inspected.
'Unfortunately for you this EXCLUDES 90% of your home ( that is, inside all your walls ).
*Chemical barriers and in ground detection are seen as enough.
Chemical barriers and in ground sentries do NOT come with a 100% guarantee. One reason is
the possibility of undiscovered termite activity already inside your home that was missed. Barriers
and detectors will minimise the chance of an invasion but can't be 100% guaranteed to prevent one.  
This is the case for most home owners and the reason why termite attacks are on the rise. No one
wants to think of their life savings going up in smoke so they simply ignore the possibility and
don't have inspections carried out. This can, unfortunately, backfire badly when a pre-purchase
inspection reveals termite damage and the sale price of a home takes a severe nose dive.

TDAKS termite windows allow earlier detection of termite activity

that will slash thousands off a repair bill.
-20 X Fully assembled TDAKS Termite windows,
fitted with specially treated disclosing discs. 
Overall diameter of window is 14.6mm ( 0.57" )
-Easy to follow instructions

-Electric drill.
-1/2" drill bit ( 13mm if no choice )
Easy to install.
Installation itself can reveal hidden termite activity.
Child safe when installed#
Easy to see ultra-positive termite indication.
Active window area can be used to 'treat' termites.

They 'might' not last longer than 10 years but at 2 cents
a day for this entire installation, does it really matter ? 
How they work.
Install the windows around your home at 2-3 metre spacings.
When termites enter the installation void they will instinctively make themselves
at home by lining the void ( including the window ) with mud. The disclosing disc
will become stained or completely chewed out and replaced with mud.
We can supply you with non-toxic treatment chemicals for the 'Treatment Phase'.
* Any termite window supplied by us, which becomes brittle in normal usage when installed according to supplied
instructions, will be replaced free of charge. This replacement guarantee does not apply to indication discs.
This guarantee expires 1 year from date of purchase.
# A child ( or you ) would need a screw driver to lever it out. This is because they have been designed
to grip the sides of the installation hole in wood when installed according to the instructions supplied.
Termite Windows in wall board 'may' require gluing if installed within child's reach.
Please read the following before purchase of TDAKS® products.
The following legal statement, terms and conditions are deemed to take effect from date of purchase.
Nickolas Theodore Aroney trading as an individual being the manufacturer of the product known as TDAKS®
is hereinafter referred to as manufacturer.
Upon reading this information, if purchaser is not satisfied, purchaser must not proceed with purchase and installation of  TDAKS® products.

Manufacturer is not responsible at law or otherwise for any damage caused by termites or caused by the installation of  TDAKS® products. Manufacturer is not responsible at law or otherwise for any damage already present caused by termite attack or infestation either active or dormant. Manufacturer is not responsible at law or otherwise for personal or material injury suffered or sustained as a result of installation and or periodic inspection of  TDAKS® products and any damage caused by this installation and any discovery of termite infestation either active or dormant.Manufacurer is not responsible at law or otherwise for personal or psychological injury sustained as a result of the periodic inspection and when required, replacement of  TDAKS® products
Manufacturer is not responsible at law or otherwise for termite damage or infestation that may have occured prior to or after installation of TDAKS® products.
1.  TDAKS® products are intended for use as an adjunct to termite barriers and professional inspections and not intended as a replacement for same. 2.  TDAKS® products are not designed or made to and will not prevent a termite attack or infestation or any damage resulting from same. 3.  TDAKS® products act as an aid to visual detection only. 4.  TDAKS® products must be installed in accordance with literature supplied. 5. The locating of  TDAKS® products is at the discretion of the purchaser. Seek a professional opinion if unsure. 6.  TDAKS® products must be inspected at maximum 2 monthly intervals. 7.  TDAKS® products will be replaced free of charge if found to be manufacturally defective within 1 month of purchase.