Why termite attacks are actually rising.
Modern barrier chemicals are not as effective as those banned 20 years ago.
It's now difficult to surround a home with a fully effective chemical barrier.
The rising cost of chemical barriers and regular internal inspections is
becoming unaffordable for most home owners.
Termites are so secretive that it's easy to forget they even exist.
Out of sight out of mind can easily become a huge out of pocket expense.
The only way you know a chemical barrier has failed is
when termites have found a way through and invaded a home.
You won't hear about most attacks.
Due to the devaluation it causes, most homeowners will 'attempt' to conceal an attack.
That small renovation down the street may well have been the result of a termite attack.
Would you run up and down the street shouting
" We've got termites and our house value took a huge hit "

Don't become a victim.