Convert your existing in ground
termite bait stations into touch free.
No more chore factor.
Simply walk by and glance down.

Developed and tested by a 100% Australian manufacturer.
Patents in process.

Inspect your stations in 'seconds'.
Avoid the chore & the PITFALL.

The pitfall.
You have just installed a set of in ground termite bait stations.
You inspect your baits by twisting off the lid, taking
a peep and twisting it back on if all clear.
During one of your regular inspections you see termites
and carry out a DIY treatment.
Job well done, termites defeated.
Doesn't sound much like a 'pitfall' now does it.
Well here it is ( the pitfall ).
Over time the unit can become sloppy and twisting the lid on and off
can result in rotational movement of the entire unit. You may barely
notice it but it's enough to shear any termite tunnels. Termites outside the
station will think 'trouble ahead' and abandon the tunnel. Termites inside
will attempt to dig new tunnels out but the chances of finding their way
back to the main nest are slim to none. You see termite activity and
treat it but all you may be doing is treating a bunch of 'captive' termites.
It's interesting to note that a trapped group can actually form a new nest
within the bait. Several can shed their old skin, emerge as reproductives
and start banging out new termites.
The end result can still be the same. You may well be spending money on
a small group of termites that won't be spreading any treatment chemical
back to the main nest.
The chore is shown the door.
Install Termite Vipers and inspect in just seconds.
When termite activity is seen, you can safely remove the lid
and treat the little home wreckers to a terminal feast.
Which brands of termite bait station suit Termite Vipers ?
Any in ground bait station with a removable lid that has vertical
clear space of at least 30mm available under the lid.
How do they work ?
When termites find your in ground station they do what termites do.
They not only begin to consume the non-treated wood or other material
but explore the space around it. The only area they can't normally explore
is the underside of the lid itself because they can't climb on ceilings.
They find the 'ladder', make their way to the top and either consume or
mud up the white disclosing disc. The white disc goes dirty, telling you
that it's time to open the lid and 'treat' the little home wreckers. Loose
bait stations are not a problem now because you haven't had to touch
the unit during routine inspections.
What makes the actual 'Viper'
so special to termites ?

It has been impregnated with a scientifically proven feeding stimulant.
Termites will explore it because it's an attractive food source to them.
Why haven't manufacturers included a system like this ?
In ground bait stations were designed for professionals to install and charge
a fee to inspect. It doesn't take a professional to tell the difference between
white and dirty brown now does it ?
No existing patents mean they just didn't think of it to patent and suppress it.
When will you have to remove the lid on each bait station ?
Either when your bait station goes 'active' or when the manufacturer
recommends inspection for possible replacement of the main bait.
How do I retrofit Termite Vipers ?
Just carefully drill a 1/2" ( or 13mm hole ) through each lid, avoiding
an areas of raised lettering.
A spade bit is recommended as a twist drill bit can split plastic.
Replace the lid.
Feed the rope into the hole and snap the window into place.
This kit contains:
6 Termite Vipers
Installation instructions

We feel like the only sellers of termite control products who actually lay out the fine print up front.
1. Termite Vipers are intended for use as an adjunct to termite barriers and professional inspections and not intended as a replacement for same. 2. Termite Vipers are not designed or made to and will not prevent a termite attack or infestation or any damage resulting from same. 3. Termite Vipers act as an aid to termite control only. 4. Termite Vipers must be installed in accordance with literature supplied. 5. Termite Vipers must be inspected at maximum 2 monthly intervals.

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