About me.
Yes it's just me and has been for the last 13 years.
My name is Nickolas and I live in West Gosford NSW Australia.
Quick background story.
In February 2004 I purchased a home that had been attacked
by termites. Silly me yes but it was close to work and all I
could afford. The prior damage got me a $25,000 discount.
The termite infestation had already been treated and repairs
carried out.
The pest inspector advised me to install a perimeter detection
system to help prevent a new infstation at a cost of around $3000.00
To me, at the time, it sounded reasonable so I asked if this would
prevent a further infestation. The answer was no. I also asked if
there were any termites present. The inspector said not as far as he
could tell but that an 'invasive' inspection could better determine that.
An invasive inspection meant drilling a whole bunch of holes and
possibly removing sections of wall panelling with me having me pay
for the follow up repair. Yoiks.
As it was this prior termite damage had gone undetected for years
and was discovered when quite advanced. The repair bill alone was
$20,000 ( back in 2004 ).
So, here I was locked in to a 30 year mortgage.
If I had gone for the perimeter detection system there was still a chance
that the little home wreckers could make their way in again. Worse still,
they might have still been inside the home but undetected.
What does a fellow do when he is the reverse of cash rich and time poor?
He puts on his thinking cap.
Since then I have been developing and manufacturing termite control
products designed literally from the ground up.
I started with systems to be installed inside homes and progressed to
devices for the external detection and treatment of termites.
All my devices have two primary features. Low cost and ease of use.
Technology has finally caught up with my vision and I am now able to
cost effectively manufacture simple devices that will save home owners
thousands of dollars.

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